Swings 'n Roundabouts

by FistFight

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Likened to a pizza with 'the works' on it, Swings 'n Roundabouts contains an electrifying fusion of multiple musical styles, excellent musicianship and deep lyrical and thematic content, with a pervading sense of fun and passion.


released May 10, 2013

FistFight is: JoJo, Paul, Jakes, Clive and Simon

All songs written by Paul Elliott and JoJo Wegerle
'Hurt' written by Paul Elliott, JoJo Wegerle and Nick Explicit

A G-Force House Production • Produced by Graham Smith • Recorded at G-Force House, Johannesburg

Recorded and Mixed by Graham Smith at G-Force House, Johannesburg

Guest Artists:
Graham Smith on 'Hurt', 'Break In', and 'Reprise'
Nick Explicit on 'Hurt'
Zack Jordaan and Greig Wegerle on 'Eat Sleep Fight Repeat'
Carey Dowse on 'Eat Sleep Fight Repeat' and 'Sixteen'

© 2013 FistFight
℗ 2013 FistFight



all rights reserved


FistFight Johannesburg, South Africa

A 5-piece indie jazz rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa, who are inspired by real-life ups and downs; the swings and roundabouts of life. They enjoy a vast array of music styles, and have devoted two years towards the making of their album.

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Track Name: For a Good Time Call Me (Crazy)
Next day, you walk into the school
Never thought that you would be the fool
They stare at you from the top stair
And as you take your icy throne
You look up and see your telephone
...number slide from the back of the door to the floor, for a good time call me

Crazy little girl
You wear your Halo as a Hula Hoop and he took it out for a twirl

Next day as you head back to work
Never though that you would be the jerk
To knock another notch in the bedpost
And now she’s crying on the floor
Wondering how many you have had before
The world is a vampire, for a good time call me

Crazy little boy
You let her play in your sandbox and now she treats you like a toy

Crazy, crazy, crazy
Crazy, crazy, crazy
Track Name: Sixteen
Hey John, it's three sixteen and nothing else matters
We got the bride dressed up like a beauty queen
The tiara doesn’t fit

Hey man, itʼs not a dream, and itʼs never gonna shatter
So get out of bed, get it in your head
That the world is getting better

I started writing this song to You, but the words didn’t fit
Into my mind, into the world, onto this page
Now I am doing as I feel I should have all long
Avoid the lines, avoid the pay
Track Name: Hopscotch
Oh, the cracks in my life just let the light shine through
Out of me, into you, a rainbow is piercing through
The broken spout just lets the river flow
Then the trees will grow, and the springtime blooms

Throw the stone and skip to one
It's all the appearance of having fun
But throw again and move ahead
There’s more to this than once was said
Getting in was hard enough
No turning back, ahead looks rough
The pebble skits and hits the six
The rules have changed, I’ve met with tricks

A childhood game, with all to gain
Who thought that it would end in pain?
I slip and fall, I scrape my knees
Sneering eyes deny my pleas
A Manga trip, a chalky line
A fattened lip as my head hits lime
Are you there? Pull me to seven?
Please take me home, I’m just eleven
Track Name: Eat Sleep Fight Repeat
Cut away the fences, burn down the city gates
Throw away one hundred faces, face your own prowling fate
Stand up from your crouching claws, retract your lashing talons
Lean back into the ocean tide, let her wide arms hold your weight

Tune out from the static haze, fall in love with songbirds
Beat that copper plate to fashion, cymbals symbolise the sound
Swing the strings of heartsong, heavy strike the chord
Burst your chest wide open for them, souls in one accord

Eat Sleep Fight Repeat

You fight the mirror, glass cut hands
You reject the herald, cupping your ears
You hate the face the lake will paint
You skip a stone and shatter worlds

Get up and Eat
Don’t go to Sleep
Get up and Fight
Now you Repeat
Track Name: Rainbow Colours Painted
He sets the sky alight with dreams of movement
Sailing through the clouds, treetops flying by
His soul it knows that he is lost without you
Still he's flying high, higher till he finds you

One light a prism split
One wind is chased about
One man to bring a message
One way to get it out

He runs the tracks that lead him up the mountains
The very tops of the snow caps call him home
And when he stops, he knows that if you're not there
He'll come right down and start to search again
Track Name: Hurt
Hurt people hurt people
Loved people love
Love people
Love hates hurt
Hate hurts people
Hate hurt

Love people
People love people
Love People
Love people
People love people

Hurt people shrivel back like a withered hand
Loved people reach out with wide open arms
Hurt people crush beneath the world above
Loved people move the ground with vanquishing love
Track Name: Township Girl
I took a long, long walk in the city
I went for a night out on the town
I followed the edge of her skirt in a ditty
I just had to follow that sound

Township Girl, the brass on your fingers
Township Girl, the smile in your eyes
Township Girl, the straps through your toes
Township Girl, the ring through your nose

I heard the bustle and clinking of night life
I felt the warmth of the starlight on my brow
Then I felt electricity
Magnetism, gravity and sound

I caught your eye across the ballroom floor
Your pretty face through a curtain of braids
You were already the girl in the red dress to me
Now I have to take my place

The cooling night, the sobering air
A breath of reality, I saw you there
At the ripple-road side, my heart just sighed
Will she know, my bride, my bride, my Township Girl
Track Name: The Finish Line
You set me running
Put the world beneath my feet
I can see the finish line
I hear you coming
I hear your steps behind me
I know who sent you

It’s a race, a marathon
Everybody's running
Who will get to the end?
You set me running
Put the world beneath my feet
I can see the finish line

Meet me, meet me at the finish line
Meet me, meet me at the finish line
I know you're mine

I hear you coming
I hear your steps behind me
I know who sent you
It's a race, a marathon
Everybody's running
But who will get to the end?

I may fall way behind
And I may be last in line
But you are my direction
Will you meet me at the finish line?
Meet me at the finish line?
Track Name: Wolves
I wake up in your arms, your heart against my ear
You’re talking with the others, I am safe with you
I don’t mind being a number, a number behind you
I know you see me lover, you see me in the crowd

Run, run, run, run
I hear the wolves
They’re ghosts in the mists
Run, run, run, run
I hear the wolves
They’ve come to find me

The green lands love me, the waters rush me round
There’s a gust of hope that spins me, that sets me on the ground
I’m dizzy from the capture, mind a bubbling sound
I feel so happy, want to run the mountain ground
I’ve never been so alive, never felt such love
Fighting to come home again, meet me at the finish line?
I’m racing up the green lands, I'm punching through the rain
Someone’s locked the gate?! I’m stung in pouring pain

(Silence) and a still small voice says ‘hi’
(Shedding) and my heart is filling light
(Touching) my fingertips make a moment with yours
(Closer) your arms open, your gravity hounds me
Track Name: You've Burnt Me Down
I’m knocking on the same door
I’ve knocked on it a hundred times before
I’m a lunatic to think that you won’t hurt me again
It’s the whole of you that beats me
Not the pieces in between
So I’ll keep my distance, just never know you

A heart is flesh, it’s a bloody mess
When it's broken it's over
I cannot fix it
But neither can you

I walk beside you, (I want to hold your hand)
I feel the sunlight (I want to hold your hand)
But I’m certain that you’ll hurt me, so I pull back
I’ve taken the chance again, I’ve convinced myself
I’ll give you my heart again, from the dusty shelf
I’ll see my face in your eyes, I’m warm
You’ve burnt me down

You set my world on fire, and then you walked away
You've kindled my desire, and then you walked away
You’ll always be a liar, you’ll always walk away
But I’ll keep trying
Track Name: Reprise
As he's been told, there's a promise of a new world
Where girls and boys will be forever free
And in his dreams of rainbow colours painted
He sits alone sometimes, "Is it for me?"